Create as many patterns as you can before time runs out. Selecting a shape on the grid will show you where it can be moved. Move and rotate the shapes to create the patterns shown in the pattern bar at the top of the screen.

Select a shape to see possible moves.

Complete a pattern to score points and get a time bonus.

Empty Shape
If a pattern has a black square in it, that part MUST be empty on the grid in order to score.

Center piece empty

Plan carefully, each move you make will add more shapes to the grid. If you run out of moves, the game is over.

The score bar fills in with each pattern completed. Fill up the score bar to move on to the next level.


Rotate shapes left or right.
Use the hammer to smash unwanted pieces. You start the game with one hammer. Earn a new hammer for each pattern completed using a single color.
Don't see a piece you need or just need more time? The Add button will add a random number of shapes to the grid and give you a time bonus. Be careful, real estate is at a premium and if you run out of room the game is over.

The Bombs

The bombs are here to help. They appear randomly and can be moved or detonated. To detonate a bomb, tap it twice.

The Bomb

The Bomb will give you more space when you need it. Detonating it could clear a wide area. Or it could be a dud.

Paint Bomb
The Paint Bomb lacks any real destructive power but will splatter paint all over the pieces in its blast area. Great for making a pattern a single color and scoring the big points.

Time Bomb
The Time Bomb can give you added time when you are in need of it.


A grid space that contains a blocker can't be used and gets in the way of shapes being moved.

A grid space with a web can be used but the shape is stuck, unable to move or rotate. A web will also double the scoring value of any shape that is caught.


Scoring is based on the number of shapes used and the color of the shapes. Each shape is worth 100 points. For each additional shape of the same color in the pattern, the score for that color goes up 100 points. Use 3 yellow shapes and each will be worth 300 points, 2 yellow shapes then each is worth 200 points. You will score the highest number of points if all shapes are the same color (and you get a hammer too).

A web will also double the scoring value of any shape that is caught.

Larger shapes give you a larger shape bonus. The color score is multiplied but the number of shapes. Use 5 shapes in a pattern and get a 5X shapes bonus.

Pink shapes: 3X300 points
Yellow shapes: 2X200 points
Shape bonus: 5X

Total: 6500 Points
Blue shape: 1X100 points
Pink shapes: 2X200 points
Yellow shapes: 2X200 points
Shape bonus: 5X

Total: 4500 Points